Mary Anne Davis
Backyard Gaze ProjectFlora and Fauna Investigation 2 - Pink and YellowBlue Foam #1_Blue Bird SurveillanceRhizomatic FoamRhizomatic Foam - bubble nut hatchRhizomatic Foam Small #1Rhizomatic Foam Small #2 Rhizomatic Foam Small #3 Rhizomatic Foam Mini #1 Rhizomatic Foam Mini #2
Flora and Fauna Investigations
This series entitled Flora and Fauna Investigations explores complexity and multi-dimensional growth in the relationship between nature, art and humanness. Two dimensional, wall-mounted squares frame circles, dots and bubbles representing the movement inherent in the dynamic cycle of growth and development. Three-dimensional bubbles project outward into space and demand the viewer suspend assumptions about drawing, painting and the representation of nature as image and its interpretation. Layering bubbles on drawn and painted surfaces challenge assumptions about drawing and painting while images and information are revealed and concealed in a dance of aesthetic variables, encouraging a double take. Connection and harmony are important ingredients in these explorations. Color's role in this work is about celebration, harmony and beauty, acting in concert to create coherent expressions of complex interactions, symbolizing nature working within the relational construct of human creativity.

The work exists as installations and discrete collage constructs that allow the viewer access to an inner world of optimistic connecting. Circles and squares create an ambient glimmer, a ground or environment for birds, butterflies, branches and leaves to live fully integrated in human imagining.