Mary Anne Davis
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Backyard Gaze Project
I sit, or more likely stand, inside my kitchen, most often preparing food for people, cats, or dogs. I chance a glance out the window and am captivated by the level of activity bubbling there. Birds are darting from branch to branch, occasionally flitting into and out of one the two birdhouses we have installed there. Bluebirds, wrens and chickadees have all successfully raised families in these lean-tos for nomadic, winged survivors of the long game, animals whose chief priority is to eat, breed, fly, play, and build nests in safe places for their young.
As I gaze I sometimes take photos that find their way into collages and dioramas I construct as part of my human/animal need to make. To create. To procreate, not just more infant humans (I did that once) but more importantly and perhaps as part of a longer life span, the creation of something that might inspire others toward living. My work is dedicated to the present, yes, of course, but also the future. The potential and possibility of a future where strife can relax into a love of being and human/animal relations can emerge in a harmonic that bodes health and possibility for more than one or more people or species. A new community.